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How NOT to Survive Burnout

Burnout. There are just some times during the year when it seems like everything happens all at once. I haven’t had a day off in nearly 3 months due to work and family obligations. Things are about to get worse because I am studying for my state soils license test and to take the test, […]

It’s not a scene from Dexter. It’s a roll.

In my last post I made a note about how much fun I was having making things for the holiday. I also made a note of how if it looks like a scene from “Dexter”, it was even more hilariously fun for me. Of course, this got people asking what I was making, and if […]

Restructuring hiatus

Hey, everyone! My seasonal job ended, then my semester ended at Kaplan. Thus, my brain is in need of a vacation. I’m taking this week to restructure my schedule, realign my goals, get some more blog post ideas, and generally get all the gears lubricated. Oh, and drink lots of tea. Lots and lots and […]

Math Anxiety: The cause and cure

Growing up I knew a boy who was terrified of math. Every day I would gather my books, close my locker, and look down the hall to see him pacing back and forth in front of the door to the room he feared so much. I would heft my math books, walk over to him, […]

Dealing with stress

Everyone deals with stress, and most of us deal with it in a slightly different way. I’ve heard of drinking yourself to stupidity, punching bags at the gym, running until your legs are rubber, yoga, breathing exercises, partying, drugs, food, and many, many more. My vice, though, lies in being crafty. No, I don’t mean […]

A Snake! A Snake!

We currently live in a starter flat with all sorts of problems. Namely among them for the winter season are drafty windows and doors. As a crocheter, I decided to make a door draft snake for our patio door to help block a lot of the draft. As you can tell from the rather said […]

One of a Kind

When something is One of a Kind, or OOAK, it’s exactly what you think it is. It’s unique, and there will never be another like it made again. In the crafting world this is a popular thing to do for artists that have an idea, but it’s either too complicated, customised, or expensive to ever […]