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Should I Join a Committee?

Being on a committee can be a great way to give back to others and build your professional and personal network. But, with time being as precious as it is, how do you find the right fit? There are 5 things to take into consideration.

Smart Planning For That Super Busy Life

Life gets hectic from time to time. Right now I’m writing this post while my car is in the bay at Firestone. I’ve had a sensor out for about 3 weeks, and needed to carve out some time to get it checked out. After this, I need to stop back by my flat, grab lunch […]

ADHD Secrets to an Organised Life

There is no denying that I’m a woman, and I spend a large majority of time cleaning and organising. (Lab gear counts, right?) But I have a confession to make: I’m not the most organised person in the world. And, despite my disciplined upbringing of cleaning every Saturday morning before I could go play, sometimes […]

Do Only The Essentials?

This past month has been chaos. My birthday, a mini vacation that my husband planned, jury duty two weeks in a row, and the insanity of trying to stay on top of the things that absolutely needed to be done on top of it. Before this, though, I listened to an audiobook called Essentialism: The […]

Project Planning: The ADHD Way [Part 2]

In part 1 we talked about getting those crazy times under control, gaining discipline, and turning the curse of ADHD into a superpower. Part two is about the master list. On days like this when I’m cracking from energy overload and excitement for a big presentation I have coming up, I can’t focus. The master […]

You suffer when you have lots of busy “work”

We all dream of doing something more with our lives. You, in particular, probably plan on saving the world with your inventions, creative ideas, and research. And it would all happen, too, if you weren’t so busy. Let’s get something out in the open first: You are only as busy as you decide to be. That’s […]

Survive entrepreneurship without throwing sandwiches at people

One of my first jobs in the real world was in food service. Dairy Queen, actually. I thought it was a pretty good gig since I was reentering civilian life after a few years in military. It was easy, relaxing, and I was surrounded by good people. The paycheck was decent, so I really had […]

Staying ahead of the curve & saving time while doing it.

One of the things we suffer with as entrepreneurs is information juggling — followed quickly by information overload. We know it’s necessary to stay ahead of the curve in your field, but even just keeping up can be difficult from time to time. It doesn’t matter if you are in academia, industry, or still in training, […]

Don’t use a time management method

That’s a click bait title if I’ve ever written one, but it’s something that I firmly believe in. I don’t believe that you should prescribe to any one single time management method, but rather a few so you can craft a method all your own that works for you no matter what life throws at […]

What the “curse” of ADHD has taught me about time management

As it turns out, after financial security maintaining a work-life balance is what entrepreneurs struggle with as a fear pretty high on the scale. It’s no wonder when there is such pressure to have it all. Work-life balance is everything in this day in age, and you can find a million lists out there giving […]