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Homestead Log 4: The (Mostly) Gutted Kitchen

It took days to do, but we finally got the lat and plaster off the south wall of the kitchen. Then, as a bonus, we ended up pulling down the drywall from the ceiling — which was the only thing holding the plaster up and the water damage hidden. I have to admit, this place […]

Homestead Log 3: The Shit Storm

This past weekend we were at the homestead with my father-in-law to rip out the old vents in the homestead. We wanted to update them to modern vents because these were the old metal ones that had no insulation and had asbestos tape in places. We wanted more efficient vents to warm or cool the […]

Closing & the First Visit Home {Homestead Log #2}

We finally closed on Friday, 20.Nov.2020. It was not a straightforward thing. We were supposed to get the clear to close on Wednesday 18.Nov.2020, so our realtor set up the meeting at the title company for Friday, 20.Nov. Nothing but crickets from the lenders, so I asked my loan officer what’s up. He had no clue until […]

Insanitek HQ is Moving {Homestead Log #1}

Back in May we started looking for a house. We were looking for a place that had more than a postage stamp for a yard, was relatively close to work, and could be considered rural. This was a tall order considering the price range we were willing to consider — just one of our incomes. […]

Exhaustion, health issues, give up

How NOT to Survive Burnout

Burnout. There are just some times during the year when it seems like everything happens all at once. I haven’t had a day off in nearly 3 months due to work and family obligations. Things are about to get worse because I am studying for my state soils license test and to take the test, […]

A confession to go along with my yearly goals

Friday was my father’s birthday, and Saturday was mine. It was my first year without my father, and I admit it was a rough one. It still is simply because I keep trying to pick up the phone and call him, that I picked up the card I found last year and thought was perfect […]

Not all obstacles are worth fighting

The last few weeks have been utter hell for me, and by extension, Insanitek. Excavating my office took a week longer than it really should have. Not that I’ve found half the work stuff, but enough has been excavated to limp by. That, shockingly, is enough for now.  It is what it is because the chaos […]

Survive entrepreneurship without throwing sandwiches at people

One of my first jobs in the real world was in food service. Dairy Queen, actually. I thought it was a pretty good gig since I was reentering civilian life after a few years in military. It was easy, relaxing, and I was surrounded by good people. The paycheck was decent, so I really had […]

You never really know until you try [monthly update]

I can’t help but feeling that this month was vaguely surreal for me. The first part of the month was fighting to get things under control financially as my student loans are getting out of control. Sitting down with the bills, calling the creditors, trying to reason with them about how I can’t afford to […]

Doing What It Takes [Monthly update]

This has been an odd sort of month for me full of ups and downs. It’s my last “free month” before returning to Kaplan, so I’m trying to get a bunch of things out-of-the-way from visiting friends to doctor’s visits. I pulled out the yarn time and time again to try to make something for […]