One of a Kind

When something is One of a Kind, or OOAK, it’s exactly what you think it is. It’s unique, and there will never be another like it made again. In the crafting world this is a popular thing to do for artists that have an idea, but it’s either too complicated, customised, or expensive to ever really replicate.

I, too, will be doing  OOAK items in my personal Etsy shop from time to time. For me, there are two ways that this happens.

  1. These are things that the supplies have been discontinued but I made something with them anyway.
  2. They are upcycled items, and getting the materials to upcycle is not exactly easy to do.

For example, I have a case of old beads that I have no idea where they came from, plus some thin yarn. I’m considering making some neat crocheted beaded jewellery with them or putting them on the edgings of clothing. Once I make up my mind how to use the beads, I won’t be able to do it again because I don’t have any more beads of that type.

In the case of upcycling, this comes along as part of things naturally wearing out or being used, then I scavenge them for parts. Old type writers that fall apart have parts that make great pieces for industrial themed necklaces.


Typewriter bits to jewellery

You see an old bottle, I see a vase begging for decorations.

Frappaccino bottles to vases

Those old over the ear headphones that wore out? Redesigned as adjustable earmuffs.

Sony headphones to comfy earmuffs.

Sony headphones to comfy earmuffs.

Each unique item tells a story, and each story is a blog post lying in wait. Each blog post, in turn, is its own chance to show you how you can replicate my forays into DIY insanity so you can upcycle your own defunct geekery into something useful before you throw it away. This way, we can all geek responsibly.

If you see a OOAK design in my Etsy shop or in the Insanitek store that you’d like done differently, ask me if I can make another one. I’ll be frank and tell you what I can and can’t do. If you have something that you’d like upcycled and transformed, all you have to do is make an arrangement with me and send me the item. (I’ll cover shipping on the way back to you.) From time to time I might also put detailed step-by step instructions up here for you to transform them yourself…. but that’s another post.