• R&D

    Insanitek R&D is a company that I’m quite proud of. It is a company that is based around inventors, community, and self motivation to learn from each other.

  • Science writing and publications

    Part of being a scientist is disseminating your research so others can learn from it and reproduce the experiments (and hopefully the solutions). Whether writing and publishing their own or translating yours, Insanitek Ink specialises in taking science literature and translating into every day English so it can be appreciated by the public.

  • Education

    What’s the good of researching and writing all the knowledge down if people can’t understand it? Thus, we have an educational division and outreach that is currently in production. It starts with a community of mentors, but who knows where it’ll go?

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Recent Projects

  • Protected: Environmental Science at Kaplan

    All the resources for my Environmental Science course that I teach at Kaplan College. Lectures, notes, and helpful worksheets. It's password protected so future students have the same chances as all the others.

  • The Savvy Urbanite Farmer

    The Savvy Urban Farmer Project started off as a way to teach people how to make their garden paradises stronger. It's now developing much broader wings and taking off. Soon, you, the real savvy urbanite farmer, will have the resources you need to empower you to create paradise no matter where your home is.

  • Building a business with freelance professionals

    This is to be a longitudinal study on running a company based on nothing but freelancers and independent contractors. It will look at various leadership styles, organisational and system styles, and freelancer attitudes. It will discuss what does and doesn't work in a very frank way. Feedback and participation is always appreciated.

  • Brain Injuries

    Have you really considered the importance of brain injuries? They are one of the most misunderstood injuries with potentially high consequences and a wide range of symptoms. I am doing a op-ed piece on behalf of a client so awareness is drawn to brain injuries, the impact they can have on an individual's life, and a call to action to be more proactive about preventing them.

  • MOOC reviews

    Reviews of individual massive open online courses (MOOC) can be useful for both employers that look for certain skill sets as well as for the prospective student. This is an ongoing project where I take a MOOC, treat it seriously, and then write an honest review of what the class really is like. I hope to also collect other's reviews to put on Insanitek Ink as well.

  • Transfer from AAAS

    For the last three years I've been writing for AAAS. I've had the opportunity to share the posts in a more open setting after 6 months have passed with them being exclusive to the AAAS community. I'm finally editing them and putting them up on Insanitek for the whole world to see.

  • Co-ops 101 blog tour starting soon!

    Homeschooling 101 Book Blog Tour Project

    Homeschooling is no longer only for the rich and paranoid nor the religiously fanatic. Reading this frank interview, you'll see that homeschooling is about making sure your kids have the best education they can have, which is the best gift you can give a kid. Included in this project is an interview with a homeschool veteran, Karen Lange, and an honest book review of her how-to guide on homeschool co-ops.

  • Sexual harassment on college campuses

    Three articles detailing why the newest policy from the Judiciary and Education Departments is going the wrong way towards finding a solution to the sexual harassment problems in universities. These articles are from 5 points of view: my own, two male grad students harassed by their female PI, and two undergrad students harassed by their fellow classmates.

Random Thoughts

Satisfied Business Partners

  • The American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (AAAS) has a members only area called Member Central. I toss in my two cents to their blog once a week. I write about volunteer opportunities, career advice, policy, and even conduct interviews with other scientists to help them get their work noticed.

  • SAGE publications focuses on social sciences instead of just hard science. This is my second home as it fits right along with my love of looking at the impacts of science on society as well as the various "soft" sciences. Here I write about more volunteer opportunities, career advice, and happenings in any field of the social sciences.

  • BlogMutt is a content mill that specifically works to fill other's blogs. I like to write about different things from time to time that don't fit into the "science" aspect. This is one way I release that need to just write about anything.

  • Many of you know that I'm a fan of self defence. So, I occasionally contribute Gun Handbags' blog, a place for concealin' carryin' gals.

  • Krysha Thayer is a great writer that got me started on a freelance writing career years ago. I have always enjoyed working with her on her many and varied projects.