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Lessons From Family Legal Issues

Over the last few years my husband’s family orchard has been dying. The family as a whole turned their back on it. Those that stayed aren’t very business savvy. No one has bothered to find new clients, and if a big order comes in at the last moment, those with the physical capabilities don’t show […]

Answering what you do

Networking. It’s a dreaded word, but it has to be done in business. Going to conventions, conferences, chillin’ at a MeetUp, or even just running out to the store can somehow bring up the question, “What do you do?” We all know it’s important to nail this. It could make the difference between a valuable […]

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Independent Research Scientist: Is It Worth It?

13 years ago today the dream of Insanitek was born. It was a mere flicker of thought in my head out of a desire to not work in a corporate environment, nor play the grant chasing game of academia. I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, but in a more tangible way so […]

From Buzzphrase “Impostor Syndrome” to Reality

If you go to any leadership forum, you hear the phrase “impostor syndrome” being tossed around as often as any other buzzword. It’s usually has a connotation that you are lacking self-esteem and think you are not worthy of X,Y, or Z. Worse, any advice you get on how to deal with it is often […]

The Self-esteem and Success Connection

Self-esteem and success are tied together more than we realise. In the last 5 years that I’ve been in business with Insanitek I’ve had the pleasure of helping and watching many people grow, learn, and strike out on their own or join another company. There are many things that each individual has in common (beyond […]

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Tips for planning for health issues

If you are here, you’re likely the type of person that owns your life. Owning it doesn’t just end with the good stuff, but also means embracing all the other crap that slides your way. Including health issues. No one plans for health issues. When you’re an owner, you don’t wake up and think, “I […]


Katabasis as a catalyst for change

Sometimes it takes a lot to get us to see change in our lives. We need a catalyst, or a katabasis. Katabasis is a term that comes to us from Ancient Greek. It means a descent or retreat. It has been used to describe everything from a military retreat to a descent to the underworld […]

Having The Money Talk With Freelancers

It’s inevitable in business to make money decisions. You have a responsibility to stay in business so you can provide opportunities for others. This goes well beyond money, but money does help all this happen. That’s just the foundation of life itself. It is a constant battle for balance and fairness, but one that you […]

Bootstrapping secrets: 10 years in

In Insanitek’s 10 year history, we have been bootstrapping all of them. It hasn’t always been easy, or even serious building. But here’s our story and two secrets. The first incarnation of Insanitek was a truly atrocious forum type of site. My cofounder, Ali, was obsessed with them, and he created a PHP forum to […]

Money is their commitment

This past month in our office hour meeting we got to talking about asking for money. It’s an uncomfortable topic for many people. I’ll admit, it’s sometimes hard for me to ask for money from people if they are poor but needing help in science and math. I was in their shoes at one point, […]