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It’s not a scene from Dexter. It’s a roll.

In my last post I made a note about how much fun I was having making things for the holiday. I also made a note of how if it looks like a scene from “Dexter”, it was even more hilariously fun for me. Of course, this got people asking what I was making, and if […]

Unexpected progress towards getting into the Guard

I missed last week’s fitness update due to a lot of chaos going on in my life. And for that, I’m sorry. It turns out that dealing with all the minor details of getting the administrative work done is taxing for my brain and time. I’ve made it a point to announce that I had […]

A healthy dose of reality {Fitness Friday}

Last week I was all moany about how I couldn’t get to the gym, well this week is far more positive. This week I have a plan, good news, and a recipe! First, the good news Writing down my fitness streak is working. Although absolutely no one has cheered me on, with the lone exception […]

My goals may be too high… {Fitness Friday}

I have mentioned before that I want to get into the National Guard Reserves this year, though I’ve not said why. I want to get into the Guard for networking, training that I can’t get anywhere else, a little bit of extra money, and a sense of pride because I’m giving back to this country. […]

Promises to mysef I intend to keep

I am a huge fan of being reliable. If I say I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it. The problem is I often have to say it out loud and do the things for other people. I keep putting the things I need off to the side while I do things for […]

Hiiting It Daily

In effort to find ways to be healthy while having a job that primarily requires me to sit on my duff and write or go to meetings, I began looking around for options. There are a whole slew of various things you can do to get and stay healthy, but I have a severe attention […]

Rememberance Day Pride — and changes in myself

Several months ago I decided to join the National Guard reserves. There were several reasons for this, really. Most of it is financial — I can’t afford to pay off my school loans with as little as I pay myself here at Insanitek, let alone the now required health care or other essentials of life, […]

How I’m a morning person

After running around with hyped up fourth graders all morning, a fellow educator asked me how I have so much energy in the morning. Truth is, I’m not a morning person. I’m not a slow riser, but neither am I a quick riser. The alarm goes off, I curse at the light of the phone […]