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Closing & the First Visit Home {Homestead Log #2}

We finally closed on Friday, 20.Nov.2020. It was not a straightforward thing. We were supposed to get the clear to close on Wednesday 18.Nov.2020, so our realtor set up the meeting at the title company for Friday, 20.Nov. Nothing but crickets from the lenders, so I asked my loan officer what’s up. He had no clue until […]

Insanitek HQ is Moving {Homestead Log #1}

Back in May we started looking for a house. We were looking for a place that had more than a postage stamp for a yard, was relatively close to work, and could be considered rural. This was a tall order considering the price range we were willing to consider — just one of our incomes. […]

Cash flow is considered the life blood of any business -- even non-profits

Every Thought About Pay What You Want Pricing?

I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Not quite the trailer park, but literally down the street from the entrance when I was visiting my mother. Where I grew up in England, I would have been considered rural hick. No matter where I was at, I was on the lowest end of […]

Working with Gifted Children

The term “gifted” when it comes to children indicates that the individual has a high value in one way, such as having a high IQ or a high social IQ, but not well both. It’s often said that they are “bright” or “highly intelligent” but they have a learning disability.  Which learning disability? Well, that’s still up […]

3 Words for 2019

The magic of three words, Insanitek, and how I’m planning of making it happen. Oh, it’s time to defeat that ADHD while growing the company and self.

From This Point On

The past two weeks have been pretty interesting in America. As an independent voter, I’ve been lambasted for any manner of things that those doing the screaming have no evidence for. In the last week alone I’ve been accused of: Needless to say, at first I thought it was amusing — especially the white nationalist […]

Testing bed for a different hiring pattern

As I’m listening to our students voice their worries about going to university, graduates from uni struggling to find jobs that they trained for, and the rumblings from the science field, I’m taking a step back to look at Insanitek’s hiring practises. A while back I worked with an HR professional to create a model […]

This is My Ship [Monthly Update]

Insanitek is based in Indiana, and this past month we were blind-sided by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and people’s reaction to it. When I first heard it, I thought, “Well, who does this apply to? Does it apply to me, as an atheist? Am I protected from having to teach creationism in schools because […]

The Inventor’s Guild of Indianapolis

I’m planning a huge step forward for Insanitek this spring. I plan on starting an Inventor’s Guild of Indianapolis. The idea behind the Guild is to start assembling a bunch of like-minded individuals so we can work together, learn together, get ideas from each other, and borrow each other’s tools in a semi-structured way. As […]

Insanitek R&D

I don’t think I’ve actually talked much about Insanitek R&D here, nor really on Ink or any other place that’s publicly accessible. So, I thought I’d start to explain myself. And, like any good story it starts off with “So, one night when we were drinking…” Insanitek’s conception As a bunch of us engineering students […]