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Cash flow is considered the life blood of any business -- even non-profits

Every Thought About Pay What You Want Pricing?

I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Not quite the trailer park, but literally down the street from the entrance when I was visiting my mother. Where I grew up in England, I would have been considered rural hick. No matter where I was at, I was on the lowest end of […]

Lessons From Family Legal Issues

Over the last few years my husband’s family orchard has been dying. The family as a whole turned their back on it. Those that stayed aren’t very business savvy. No one has bothered to find new clients, and if a big order comes in at the last moment, those with the physical capabilities don’t show […]

Insanitek Hiring Principles

I remember sitting with my grandfather as he would mull over applications. He owned a small family operated Amoco Gas Station franchise. My mother and grandmother did the bookkeeping for years. There were a few men that worked on the cars that would come in for repairs, and a few ever-revolving set of teens that […]

Growth is a difficult decision

This past year Insanitek has looked at growth incrementally and begun to hire more tutors. It wasn’t easy, though. Trying to figure out the balance of running lean enough to keep things going for the long-term and making sure everyone is taken care of is one of the most difficult things that I’ve ever encountered. […]

Review of Persuasive Profits by SharĂ­ Alexander

In case you didn’t remember, this most recent hiatus from the blog was due to me carving out some time to take SharĂ­ Alexander’s Persuasive Profit’s class. And here is the formal review of said class, as per norm after I finish one of these classes. I am not compensated in any way for this […]

Profiling? It helps get the jobs done.

OK, before you jump down my throat, I’m not talking about racial profiling. I’m talking about good, old-fashioned personality profiling. This isn’t so dissimilar to the type of profiling you have to go through when you enter the job force in any arena or see on TV when the FBI is looking for the newest […]

Thoughts on Universities Acting as VCs

In January, 2015 University of California made some ripples in the Venture Capitalist pond when they announced their decision to toss out their long-standing notions that the university would not get involved in outside ventures and replace it with a new ruling stating that they would have a $250 million fund for new ventures that […]

Cash flow is considered the life blood of any business -- even non-profits

Practicalities of Bootstrapping Your Science

Everyone talks about how awesome bootstrapping can be. You gain focus and purpose, control more aspects of the money, and most importantly, your company is more sustainable for the long haul. Very few talk about the stresses, nor how to go about bootstrapping. Seth Godin’s 1998 Bootstrapper’s Bible put it eloquently that bootstrapping is a […]

Starting a business with nothing

In line with the them of financing a business of your own making, it’s often useful to look at how to accomplish such a monumental task from absolutely nothing. Some things are obvious, like staying away from debt like it’s a toxic and virulent disease and building a business around what you know, but others […]

Delving deeper into the world of finance options

The last post was just… lame. I mean, seriously, you can find lists like that everywhere on the internet. I had planned to make it up to you guys by delving deeper into the scenarios and talking with people who have been there, done that. After all, if you’re going to finance your company, it’s […]