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Working with Gifted Children

The term “gifted” when it comes to children indicates that the individual has a high value in one way, such as having a high IQ or a high social IQ, but not well both. It’s often said that they are “bright” or “highly intelligent” but they have a learning disability.  Which learning disability? Well, that’s still up […]

Why We Focus On Homeschooling

A little over a year ago (by the time this post publishes) my father died. He was a buoy in an ocean of what-the-fuckery that is life for a long time. When things were going pear-shaped, I called Dad to laugh with, remind me that life is happening around me, and that I should simultaneously […]

I believe everyone’s an educator

I recently read a book called¬†Learning¬†Habits by Stephanie Donaldson-Pressman and colleagues. There are lots of good points to this book that, if taken to heart, can give you an idea and plan on how to best help your kids make learning a life-long habit, not just a “thing” you do to get by. “Simple” things, […]

An Outcry for Change Leads to Changes

Many times when we decry that something needs to change, we sit around and complain but don’t do a single thing beyond that. However, when multiple people cry out for change, a movement begins. An example from the world of education shows that this can be seen when people put a personal chance in nature […]

College is dead. We killed it.

I love knowledge and education. I love the sense of pride that others get when they see the connections between one topic and another — and just how fuzzy those lines of connection are. Every day I can be found teaching or tutoring somewhere. My students range from elementary school to college and beyond, while […]

Brainetics Review [math]

Over the years of helping people with math anxieties, I have delved pretty deeply into many tricks designed to help soothe nerves, teach short cuts, and even discovered some truly awful money sinks. Some things work for some students, while they may not work for others. This review is of Brainetics and it’s claims as […]

Math Anxiety: The cause and cure

Growing up I knew a boy who was terrified of math. Every day I would gather my books, close my locker, and look down the hall to see him pacing back and forth in front of the door to the room he feared so much. I would heft my math books, walk over to him, […]

Organisation is the key to homework success

I was a chaotic, unorganised child — as most children with full schedules are. I had things to do, places to be, and the last thing I wanted think about was that stray paper from math class, the packet from social studies, let alone the list of items to do from all of my classes […]

Adventures in Teaching — What teaching can teach us.

I have been teaching, tutoring, and mentoring since I was in grade school. I would tutor my fellow classmates that had struggled to learn certain concepts for the test. Then, as I got older, I would mentor my friends and family on ways to solve problems. Finally, when I was at the uni, I started […]