Working with Gifted Children

The term “gifted” when it comes to children indicates that the individual has a high value in one way, such as having a high IQ or a high social IQ, but not well both. It’s often said that they are “bright” or “highly intelligent” but they have a learning disability. 

Which learning disability? Well, that’s still up for debate and quite variable because it just means that the individual in question just doesn’t quite fit into whatever model the school has.

Every parent thinks their kid is gifted. In truth, though, the system we currently have for education is too narrow. It’s too systemitised. And a majority of people can’t shove their square peg into a much smaller round hole. There is nothing wrong with these children, and they certainly don’t need medication for ADHD/ADD.

Here is a good view of it from a paediatrician’s perspective:

Take it from a non-medicated “gifted” kid now adult.