The Inventor’s Guild of Indianapolis

I’m planning a huge step forward for Insanitek this spring. I plan on starting an Inventor’s Guild of Indianapolis. The idea behind the Guild is to start assembling a bunch of like-minded individuals so we can work together, learn together, get ideas from each other, and borrow each other’s tools in a semi-structured way. As time passes and group members join, I’ll ask them if they’d like to chip in some money to rent a building that we can all use. Ah, this is probably where I should mention that the Guild will originally take place in my back yard. OK, well, the courtyard of my apartment complex.

IMGP0072 IMGP0071

Check out the space. We have a decent sized area where we can spread out and tinker with things, though I regret the lack of a picnic table. Unfortunately if I were to put one out there, the local kids would likely deface it and destroy it before a week was out. I also offer the use of my patio for a flat space as well. Maybe we can invest in collapsible and portable table that I can store on my patio, but pull out so people can work on in the courtyard. You know, something like this:

I plan on doing this so we (Insanitek) can save money on the space while we build steam and interest in the concept. After enough people join that can contribute a monthly “fee” to help with a space, I’ll rent it and fill it with machines that they can use. These machines will be larger things like a CNC machine, 3D printer, etc. I plan to use this winter to save up money so I can start thinking about what to purchase first as well as put down my share of the first month of rent.

There are a few ways all this could work out, fiscally speaking, but I’ll lay out the different plans and ask people how they’d rather see things work when I get the inventors here in front of me and know who my colleagues are. Until then the main ideas I’m thinking of are the following:

  • Insanitek would pay for 50% of rent and utilities, while the inventor’s fees would collectively pay for the rest of it.
  • We all pay an equal portion of the rent and utilities — this is the best option if a lot of people join, then I can spend more of Insanitek’s money on machines for everyone to use.
  • Open options based on how many hours someone chooses to show up and work, but a minimum monthly fee that would pay for rent and utilities over everyone’s combined contribution.

I’m sure there are a lot more options, but I haven’t thought of them yet. These three seem the most reasonable and doable.

Alas, we’ll find out in spring how good my plan is. Here’s hoping that we can form a force of creativity to be reckoned with sooner rather than later though.