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From Science with Love

I love science. I love science so much that I seek every opportunity I can to share the knowledge that science can bring, as well as how it can be used. Most notably, every week I tutor kids in math and science. Kids will be kids, and they want their homework done so they can […]

Update on Ekatrina’s Trade

A while ago, admittedly a long while ago I talked about some sanity-saving projects I was working on for an Etsy trade along with a few things from around the house I was working on. Well, here is my update on that so my client doesn’t think I’m slacking off totally. 😉 The vest The […]

Dealing with stress

Everyone deals with stress, and most of us deal with it in a slightly different way. I’ve heard of drinking yourself to stupidity, punching bags at the gym, running until your legs are rubber, yoga, breathing exercises, partying, drugs, food, and many, many more. My vice, though, lies in being crafty. No, I don’t mean […]

If you're sarcasm is any better, I'll take captions and refernce you for it!

Upcycled science cards for every occasion

In my humble flat I have stacks of old magazines begging to be thrown in the bin. However, I never could seem to part with them because of this article or that one. Eventually, I just started keeping them all for reference. I did this even long after I got a nearly lifetime subscription to […]

A Snake! A Snake!

We currently live in a starter flat with all sorts of problems. Namely among them for the winter season are drafty windows and doors. As a crocheter, I decided to make a door draft snake for our patio door to help block a lot of the draft. As you can tell from the rather said […]

Draped around the neck

A trade, a trade!

Anyone that knows me knows I love trading and bartering. There are many benefits to trading, too. First, I meet some fun, talented people. Second, I get to make fun things for someone else. Then, of course, there is the aspect of it being like advertising. Some one asks them, “Where did  you get that?”, […]

The last, and final, class in the Coursera Writing Course

I’d like to say I’m heartbroken about it being the final class of the Coursera’s Writing course, but I just can’t say it with even an iota of honesty. I took the class to get better at writing, and the only thing it’s taught me is how to balance one more thing on my plate. […]

Clauses, Phrases & Sentence Types {Coursera course}

It is week 3&4 on the Coursera writing course. I went from excited to annoyed to apathetic towards the class in this short time, and, unfortunately, it all stems from the fact that I don’t work on their schedule. When they finally release the week’s lessons, it’s midway through my day, thus I’m at work. […]

Sentence construction {Coursera course}

Week 3 is upon the crafting an effective writer course, and it’s as dull as last week. The first two module sections covered subject and verb parts of speech again. I think I much preferred the “snippy snippy” method from when I was a child to this. It’s much more constructive, fun, and I don’t […]

Nouns, adjectives, verbs & adverbs

Oddly, I’m finding making time for this class more and more difficult. It’s not due to life getting more hectic, it’s because they don’t open the week’s worth of lessons until 0900 PST, which is what it is where the professors teach. Since it’s not open when I get up and start my week at […]