3 Words for 2019

The magic of three words, Insanitek, and how I’m planning of making it happen. Oh, it’s time to defeat that ADHD while growing the company and self.

ADHD Secrets to an Organised Life

There is no denying that I’m a woman, and I spend a large majority of time cleaning and organising. (Lab gear counts, right?) But I have a confession to make: I’m not the most organised person in the world. And, despite my disciplined upbringing of cleaning every Saturday morning before I could go play, sometimes […]

Do Only The Essentials?

This past month has been chaos. My birthday, a mini vacation that my husband planned, jury duty two weeks in a row, and the insanity of trying to stay on top of the things that absolutely needed to be done on top of it. Before this, though, I listened to an audiobook called Essentialism: The […]

Hitting The Wall of Incompetence

We can’t be the best at everything we try. We can be good, or even great at many things. But, we can never be the best, infallible and constant in that perfection. Eventually we’ll find a balance. We rise to the level of incompetence. This was explored in the 1969 book called “The Peter Principle” […]

Today Marks Another Year of Learning

Oddly, I don’t talk about myself or my personal goals on this blog very often. But today is a special day to me as it marks the day I’ve made it around the sun one more time. This month is also going to suck. I’m slated for jury duty not just once, but twice. Back […]

Leading without being bossy

Leadership is one of those words that’s getting tossed around a lot lately. So much that it’s an empty buzzword for many people. It’s really not fair for those that truly want to be a good leader – balancing the harder things in life with what could be – not just for you, but assisting […]

Growth is a difficult decision

This past year Insanitek has looked at growth incrementally and begun to hire more tutors. It wasn’t easy, though. Trying to figure out the balance of running lean enough to keep things going for the long-term and making sure everyone is taken care of is one of the most difficult things that I’ve ever encountered. […]

Meeting the needs of industry

Ever since committing to the idea of creating a company where we can actually help people (rather than make a quick buck), I’ve been studying the industry. The industry being what companies need, what people want, and how to meet them both in the middle. Except the needs of the industry aren’t exactly clearly communicated. […]

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Independent Research Scientist: Is It Worth It?

13 years ago today the dream of Insanitek was born. It was a mere flicker of thought in my head out of a desire to not work in a corporate environment, nor play the grant chasing game of academia. I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, but in a more tangible way so […]

From Buzzphrase “Impostor Syndrome” to Reality

If you go to any leadership forum, you hear the phrase “impostor syndrome” being tossed around as often as any other buzzword. It’s usually has a connotation that you are lacking self-esteem and think you are not worthy of X,Y, or Z. Worse, any advice you get on how to deal with it is often […]