Homestead Log 5: Structural integrity? What structural integrity?

After 1.5 months of waiting on the contractors to start their part of the work, we instantly regretted not being more explicit and in control. The HVAC guy is the most inept at structural engineering and plays “fuck the next guy game” at a whole new level. A little background about the house that we’ve […]

Homestead Log 4: The (Mostly) Gutted Kitchen

It took days to do, but we finally got the lat and plaster off the south wall of the kitchen. Then, as a bonus, we ended up pulling down the drywall from the ceiling — which was the only thing holding the plaster up and the water damage hidden. I have to admit, this place […]

Homestead Log 3: The Shit Storm

This past weekend we were at the homestead with my father-in-law to rip out the old vents in the homestead. We wanted to update them to modern vents because these were the old metal ones that had no insulation and had asbestos tape in places. We wanted more efficient vents to warm or cool the […]

Closing & the First Visit Home {Homestead Log #2}

We finally closed on Friday, 20.Nov.2020. It was not a straightforward thing. We were supposed to get the clear to close on Wednesday 18.Nov.2020, so our realtor set up the meeting at the title company for Friday, 20.Nov. Nothing but crickets from the lenders, so I asked my loan officer what’s up. He had no clue until […]

Insanitek HQ is Moving {Homestead Log #1}

Back in May we started looking for a house. We were looking for a place that had more than a postage stamp for a yard, was relatively close to work, and could be considered rural. This was a tall order considering the price range we were willing to consider — just one of our incomes. […]

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Should I Join a Committee?

Being on a committee can be a great way to give back to others and build your professional and personal network. But, with time being as precious as it is, how do you find the right fit? There are 5 things to take into consideration.

Cash flow is considered the life blood of any business -- even non-profits

Every Thought About Pay What You Want Pricing?

I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Not quite the trailer park, but literally down the street from the entrance when I was visiting my mother. Where I grew up in England, I would have been considered rural hick. No matter where I was at, I was on the lowest end of […]

Lessons From Family Legal Issues

Over the last few years my husband’s family orchard has been dying. The family as a whole turned their back on it. Those that stayed aren’t very business savvy. No one has bothered to find new clients, and if a big order comes in at the last moment, those with the physical capabilities don’t show […]

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How NOT to Survive Burnout

Burnout. There are just some times during the year when it seems like everything happens all at once. I haven’t had a day off in nearly 3 months due to work and family obligations. Things are about to get worse because I am studying for my state soils license test and to take the test, […]

Answering what you do

Networking. It’s a dreaded word, but it has to be done in business. Going to conventions, conferences, chillin’ at a MeetUp, or even just running out to the store can somehow bring up the question, “What do you do?” We all know it’s important to nail this. It could make the difference between a valuable […]