Dealing with stress

Everyone deals with stress, and most of us deal with it in a slightly different way. I’ve heard of drinking yourself to stupidity, punching bags at the gym, running until your legs are rubber, yoga, breathing exercises, partying, drugs, food, and many, many more. My vice, though, lies in being crafty. No, I don’t mean crafty, cunning, and up to no good (unless it’s in a board game). I mean crafts, as in arts and crafts. I get so stressed that I want to keep my hands moving, even when I’m attempting to take time out. So, I’ve lined up some nifty projects that I can work on in my “spare time”. And this includes while I’m pacing around thinking.

First off is this vest I’m working on for an Etsy trade. I’m super excited about it since I’m essentially taking 8 patterns from my grandma’s collection, books that I’ve bought over the years, and a healthy dose of my own creativity. I do things like this for myself all the time, but I’ve never really made anything like this for a client that isn’t right in front of me to take a lot of measurements from and try it on them at any time. This really is a fresh challenge for me, and it’s one that I am relishing.

First, I’m starting with a pattern like this:

She wants a swooping back, and these circle vests have a swoop.

But, she also wants it to layer it, and something like that is made of thick yarn that when worn with other things will be very hot. So, I traded in the thick yarn for a thinner yarn to be light, flexible, and comfortable for layering. She also wants the body to be fitted, but the front to be flowing. This is an interesting trick of structure that I’m having fun with.

I’ll have to disclose my notes and progress once I can get the notes sketched out more solidly… and a system settled on. As it is, I’m tempted to make the back and sides of a shirt, then a long, rounded trim. I will make a future post with how I pulled this off.

§ Other Things on the Hook §

Other things on the hook are a scarf from Wrapped in Crochet that is half finished.

All that's left to do is put it together.

All that’s left to do is put it together.

For some odd reason, I stopped just before weaving all the parts together to make it a complete scarf. However, once I do get it done, it’s going to look like this:

Except in blue and khaki.

I also have to make a door draft blocker for our front door. My fiancé didn’t say no to my insistence that it should be a platypus, so I’m making a very, very large crocheted platy for the door. A 42″ long platy that is proportional the entire way through. Check out these sketches to see what I’ve gotten myself into. 🙂

Rough outline of the Door Draft Platy Project.

Rough outline of the Door Draft Platy Project.

I think I’d be happier if I had precise colours to make him in, but I will do with the left over browns from the patio door draft snake. Sigh.

Lest I forget, I’m also working on finishing Lugia and Umbreon for my good friend Paul and his girlfriend. I’ve got to get Lugia’s feet done, then I can send the box of giddiness to them. The feet stumped me, so I gave up for a time. I went back to the pattern after a loooooong break, and understood it. However, then I got pulled away in about 40 directions at once and never came back to it. Now, I really, really need to get it done. You know, once I can somehow focus on which one is higher priority.

§ Non-Crochet Crafts §

Now, as if that isn’t enough, I’ve got more on my crafting list to do. I’m in the process of learning how to sew. To do this, I’m cutting up old t-shirts, which I’m going to sew a hem around. I’ll then crochet a border around it and sell it in my Etsy shop as hankies and baby burp towels. And, because there is an abundance of left over bits, I’m also making a variety of t-shirt flowers to sell alongside my Etsy shop stuff as little add-ons. All proceeds from these things will go to charity, though I’ve yet to decide which one. (Probably Doctors Without Borders, Pencils of Promise, Wounded Warrior, or Bikers Against Child Abuse.)

The last thing I’m working on is a secret because it’s Christmas gifts that I’m giving away for Trav’s family. While it is highly unlikely they’d read this, I’d rather not chance spoiling the surprise. Let’s just say, I’m having a blast in the kitchen, and I’ll write up DIY for it later. 😉