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Homestead Log 5: Structural integrity? What structural integrity?

After 1.5 months of waiting on the contractors to start their part of the work, we instantly regretted not being more explicit and in control. The HVAC guy is the most inept at structural engineering and plays “fuck the next guy game” at a whole new level. A little background about the house that we’ve […]

Homestead Log 4: The (Mostly) Gutted Kitchen

It took days to do, but we finally got the lat and plaster off the south wall of the kitchen. Then, as a bonus, we ended up pulling down the drywall from the ceiling — which was the only thing holding the plaster up and the water damage hidden. I have to admit, this place […]

Homestead Log 3: The Shit Storm

This past weekend we were at the homestead with my father-in-law to rip out the old vents in the homestead. We wanted to update them to modern vents because these were the old metal ones that had no insulation and had asbestos tape in places. We wanted more efficient vents to warm or cool the […]


The world of success fall into two camps: Work extra hard and extra smart… or become a better thief. I can hear many of you asking, “Is this chick serious?” The answer is yes. There are so many people out there wanting a “quick” way to get rich with little effort. We are human, after […]

Just Stop Your Wasting Your Time Already

If you are anything like me, you’ve signed up for countless free classes on a myriad of things over the years. There are emails that you routinely delete because you can’t even remember what the sender was originally from, but you’re sure that some day it might be useful. So, you ignore them thinking you’ll […]

What the “curse” of ADHD has taught me about time management

As it turns out, after financial security maintaining a work-life balance is what entrepreneurs struggle with as a fear pretty high on the scale. It’s no wonder when there is such pressure to have it all. Work-life balance is everything in this day in age, and you can find a million lists out there giving […]

Lessons on Diversity and Activism from George Takei

For the first time in years I went on a bona fide date. Travis and I got tickets to see George Takei speak on diversity at Butler University, so we dressed up on one of the coldest nights of February and headed out of the house to celebrate a late Valentine’s Day date. We knew […]

The beauty of MOOCs

Author’s note: While we are on the subjects of MOOCs and how they can help us grow, I wanted to dig out my post that originally appeared on AAAS MemberCentral. This is practically in it’s original form, with only a few minor updated information.  Massive open online courses, MOOCs, are creating quite a stir. Bill Gates thinks […]

Beyond the degree: What if there were no colleges?

In an earlier posts I discussed the ROI of education from both a personal perspective and a business perspective. What have you decided about your education? If you have kids, do you think they would place their ROI on the higher end of the spectrum or the lower end? If, like me, you don’t think […]

Return on Investment of a degree from a business perspective

In a previous piece, I began a discussion about the return on investment (ROI) of a university education. From a student standpoint, the answer to what makes a university education is personal, and the math to figure out if it is worth it isn’t clean. Now, I’d like to continue the discussion from the standpoint […]