Transfer from AAAS

For the last three years I’ve been writing for AAAS. I’ve had the opportunity to share the posts in a more open setting after 6 months have passed with them being exclusive to the AAAS community. I’m finally editing them and putting them up on Insanitek for the whole world to see.

I’ve been putting all my last two years posts from the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (AAAS) from their blog, updating them, and putting them on Insanitek. These are posts that I’ve written as far back as 2010, but due to contract details stating that AAAS gets full rights to them for 6 months before I can put them anywhere else prevented me from sharing them en masse like this. It was only recently that I had a place to put them that was even relevant.

These posts range from tales of things that I’ve learnt from the trenches of grad school, field work, my times abroad, and my time teaching. More recently, the tales began to reflect all the lessons I’ve been learning since Insanitek officially opened to the public. The posts are simply my experiences that I wished to share in hopes that someone else can use my life to build upon their wisdom, as well as some of the things I’ve learnt over the course of the years — including progressively better writing.

Due to the fact that there are two years and a few months worth of writing to share, I’ve scheduled them to every Friday on Insanitek Ink. (If you follow Insanitek on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll see the link when it’s automatically posted.) The posts on Insanitek have been slightly modified. Don’t be shy about commenting; I welcome feedback on everything from the concept to points on improving my writing. More than anything I appreciate brain stimulating discussion, so play devil’s advocate and get me wound up.