Creating Alternative Paths

research-390297_1920We’ve all been there before. We sit in classes or training and think, “Wouldn’t it be nice if…

  • I could really make a difference.”
  • I could make what I want to make.”
  • I could tinker more.”
  • I could test all these other avenues out.”
  • I had access to better tools.”
  • I had money, materials, and time to devote to that.”

As researchers and inventors we crave the ability to explore, not do what we are told to do in industry or keep confined by the constraints of the grant money holders.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be beholden to the grant cycles. You can break out of the path that someone else set before you and create your own. Insanitek’s Alternative Path’s program is set up to do just that.

Alternative Paths

I want you to succeed on this journey to living well on your terms while doing what you’ve always loved: asking questions and delving into research to answer them. Because of that, I created a program for researchers and inventors of all fields (not just computer technology) for Insanitek called Alternative Paths.

Insanitek’s Alternative Paths is a free service that walks you through the basics of how to create your own mini-R&D or consulting firm in your field, acquire customers, and remove the Wouldn’t It Be Nice If feeling to your life. It’s more than a blog, it’s a consulting service. Yet, its more than a consulting service; it’s a manual on how to actually do what it is that you always really wanted to do and succeed. No matter where you are coming from or where you are going, you deserve to live life well by your rules.

What you get is:

  1. A weekly dose of inspiration, tips, how to, and fun in living life your way.
  2. A monthly newsletter with insider tips from industry, people that have been there, and walk-throughs of techniques to increase your R&D capacity that isn’t found on the blog.
  3. All the organizational tools that you could possibly want to keep your new research in order.
  4. A free open access platform to publish your work – no publishing fees attached. Ever.
  5. Direct access to Insanitek Ink writers who can help you write up your research in a fresh tone that’s adapted for the public for a discounted fee.
  6. Discounts to Insanitek’s PR services to help you create buzz about your new research and life. Can you think of a better way to jump-start your fundraising events?
  7. First access to all new projects coming from the Insanitek team.
  8. A life you create.


Your name, email, and a strong enough desire to commit to the future to do what it takes to get there. Seriously, that’s all.

Are you ready to live the dream?