Sexual harassment on college campuses

Three articles detailing why the newest policy from the Judiciary and Education Departments is going the wrong way towards finding a solution to the sexual harassment problems in universities. These articles are from 5 points of view: my own, two male grad students harassed by their female PI, and two undergrad students harassed by their fellow classmates.

I recently wrote three related articles for the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (AAAS) regarding the sexual misconduct and harassment policies that have been put in place by the Judiciary and Education Departments. This new policy came through as a letter to the University of Montana from the Judiciary and Education Departments, stating that it is intended to be “a blueprint for the colleges and universities throughout the country”. This letter mandates a definition of sexual harassment that is very broad, and doesn’t rely on evidence, just a mere accusation, before charges and punishment can be levied.I do not hold to the level of scrutiny that is placed upon the various scenarios. In these articles I show several examples of why the policy is not a good one.

First off is starting with my own personal experience where I overheard girls at school talk about how if they don’t get their with a guy, then they would just claim it was sexual harassment to get back at them. Then, I go on to share three more stories, that of two male grad students harassed by their female PI, then two undergrads that were harassed by their fellow classmates.

Part 1: Sex talk: The modern taboo

Part 2: Sex talk: Male graduate students open up

Part 3: Sex talk: Undergraduates speak up

I have them all as unlocked contact so you may read them on the AAAS website, then come back here to comment.