MOOC reviews

Reviews of individual massive open online courses (MOOC) can be useful for both employers that look for certain skill sets as well as for the prospective student. This is an ongoing project where I take a MOOC, treat it seriously, and then write an honest review of what the class really is like. I hope to also collect other’s reviews to put on Insanitek Ink as well.

As you know, I’m taking multiple massive open online classes (MOOC). This is for a good reason. With MOOCs on the rise in various areas, I want to check out the quality of the classes. After all, I eschew traditional education, which seems to do more sapping of money and will away from the students than actually teaching them. This is coupled by the fact that when I was working through my master’s degree a great deal many of undergrads drank and partied their way through, and still got a certificate. These are not the types of people I want to hire. I want to hire people that are mature and capable first and foremost. If they come from a poor background and need to garner their skills through these sorts of platforms, so be it.┬áBut, do these MOOCs actually offer a decent amount of self-guided learning that will make for a capable colleague? The only way to find out is to take them.

I also have another reason for taking these classes. There are so many of them that selecting one or two can get overwhelming. I am taking them, then writing up honest reviews for others to judge on whether or not they want to take the class. Time is valuable to everyone, and I’d rather they have some idea of what they are getting into, what they can learn, and how they class can help them before they go in. However, I’d like to collect more than just my opinions. I am just one person, and my review may be slightly to highly skewed depending on the topic. Having multiple reviews and opinions on the classes would be greatly helpful to prospective students. If you have a review, send me a message by way of introduction and ask about a guest post, or if you are a serial class taker, possibly getting paid for a series of articles.