Hiiting It Daily

In effort to find ways to be healthy while having a job that primarily requires me to sit on my duff and write or go to meetings, I began looking around for options. There are a whole slew of various things you can do to get and stay healthy, but I have a severe attention disorder when I start working out. Either I have to go somewhere else, zone out, and do something monotonous for a while (like running on a treadmill at the YMCA) or I have to find something fun, challenging, exciting and engaging… at least enough so that when I work out from home or the office I don’t have a desire to suddenly clean and organise.

Well, one day when Alesi and I were looking for motivational things to put on Insanitek Ink for the Motivational Monday posts, we stumbled across BodyRock.tv. Alesi is, admittedly, more dedicated to working out than I am, so she was instantly intrigued by the site. We clicked around, and somehow ended up on their Daily Hiit workout section. Now, they had my attention. 12 minutes for an all body toning with very little equipment needed (if any) and workouts you can do in a tiny hotel room? Challenge accepted.

Alesi and I have been doing one workout daily for going on two and half weeks now. We started with the HiitLite 7 day challenge for beginners. It was tough, but not so tough you want to give up. It was challenging enough to keep your attention and make you feel like you did something by the end of that short 12 minute burst. But, you could still go about your day without feeling exhausted. The next morning you reminded of your muscles. Alesi is in better shape than I am also felt a little bit of soreness, but not much.

Then, we did the whole challenge again to see how we improved. I can honestly say it was pretty awesome to huff and puff my way through it on round one, only to discover that round two was easier, but still challenging. I think I’ll do this one again because my old, abused knees could use a few more rounds to get used to lunges again. Alesi, meanwhile is continuing on to a different challenge.