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Homestead Log 5: Structural integrity? What structural integrity?

After 1.5 months of waiting on the contractors to start their part of the work, we instantly regretted not being more explicit and in control. The HVAC guy is the most inept at structural engineering and plays “fuck the next guy game” at a whole new level. A little background about the house that we’ve […]

Tales of Transition with Mallie Rydzik

Mallie Rydzik is a life coach, writer, and speaker that works with overeducated, yet underfilled Millennials to achieve a work-life balance and turn skillsets into a thriving online business. She speaks from the heart and experience in equal measures after in her 3rd year of her Ph.D. program she had a mental health breakdown, which […]

Tale of Transition: Natasha Voromprovia

I’ve impressed upon it before: Everyone’s story is different. They have to be for we are all different people experiencing different things. Tale of Transitions are stories from other people, their point of view, their struggles, their hopes and dreams as they moved from one path to another. Natasha Voromprovia is a systems expert better […]