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Answering what you do

Networking. It’s a dreaded word, but it has to be done in business. Going to conventions, conferences, chillin’ at a MeetUp, or even just running out to the store can somehow bring up the question, “What do you do?” We all know it’s important to nail this. It could make the difference between a valuable […]

Use Your Competitors to Help You Grow?

In the last few years the play between competitors have caught my attention. Uber/Lyft vs Taxis. PayPal/Square vs banks. Online only vs brick and mortar. SubscribeStar vs Patreon. Vidme/BitChute vs. YouTube. They all have fascinated me whether the new comers have succeeded or failed for the lessons they teach. There are two major themes I […]

To Thine Own Self Be True

Language is a funny thing. This phrase, originally from Shakespeare,┬áto thine own self be true was meant not as a way to guide one to a righteous life full of goodness, but rather one full of potential selfishness. At least that’s what certain scholars believe. This can be taken as a true form of selfishness […]

The Humanity of Business

As I’m sitting here in my home office, I’m consoling a friend that lost an auntie in the Brussel’s terrorist attack. Later that morning, I’m trying to soothe another friend’s nerves because they work at Heathrow airport, and they can’t get it through passenger’s heads about tightened security. Both need more right now in terms […]