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Lessons From Family Legal Issues

Over the last few years my husband’s family orchard has been dying. The family as a whole turned their back on it. Those that stayed aren’t very business savvy. No one has bothered to find new clients, and if a big order comes in at the last moment, those with the physical capabilities don’t show […]

Exhaustion, health issues, give up

How NOT to Survive Burnout

Burnout. There are just some times during the year when it seems like everything happens all at once. I haven’t had a day off in nearly 3 months due to work and family obligations. Things are about to get worse because I am studying for my state soils license test and to take the test, […]

Use Your Competitors to Help You Grow?

In the last few years the play between competitors have caught my attention. Uber/Lyft vs Taxis. PayPal/Square vs banks. Online only vs brick and mortar. SubscribeStar vs Patreon. Vidme/BitChute vs. YouTube. They all have fascinated me whether the new comers have succeeded or failed for the lessons they teach. There are two major themes I […]

Last Year vs This Year

I’m disappointed in myself. Last year was supposed to be great. Insanitek was supposed to grow by leaps and bounds. I was supposed to get out and shake things up, getting new clients, taking the world by storm. But of course I didn’t. I got wrapped up in the day to day tasks of systems, […]

Hitting The Wall of Incompetence

We can’t be the best at everything we try. We can be good, or even great at many things. But, we can never be the best, infallible and constant in that perfection. Eventually we’ll find a balance. We rise to the level of incompetence. This was explored in the 1969 book called “The Peter Principle” […]

Today Marks Another Year of Learning

Oddly, I don’t talk about myself or my personal goals on this blog very often. But today is a special day to me as it marks the day I’ve made it around the sun one more time. This month is also going to suck. I’m slated for jury duty not just once, but twice. Back […]

Safety, Combined with Common Sense and Maturity, First

This is not my favourite post to write ever. With the world up in their self-righteous arms lately, I’ve had a lot of tangential crap to deal with. Some people who have jumped to unfounded assumptions about Insanitek and the way it runs based off our support of homeschoolers (both secular and religious), my more […]

Going Where You’re Needed

There are a lot of things on my mind lately. Everything from working with immigrants to conquering my ADHD to getting the next phase of our homeschooling done. The immigrants we work with are migrant workers through a government agency, everyone else is a freelancer. My ADHD is an ongoing battle, and probably a fight […]

Insanitekian Way To Do The Holiday Season (And Winter)

Every year I hear the same thing. People feel rushed, they start to dislike family gatherings because of the obligations and “stuff” that they have to do. They have to make time to go present shopping, cook, parties, and all of life’s other tidbits. It’s chaos overload for most of those around me, including the […]

You have to just close your eyes and curse

Seriously. Sometimes you just feel defeated. If that’s the case, you need to close your eyes and curse so you can conquer defeat. This state of being is more than just a simple passage of time. It’s a feeling that takes the wind out of you, leaves you feeling a little forlorn for a while, […]