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With Power Comes Responsibility

I’ve been thinking about this phrase “with power comes responsibility” a lot lately. Perhaps it’s because it’s political hunting season in the US. As I scan the feelings of the crowed, I realise no one here really likes our choices. Yet this is the bed we lie in after decades of apathy built this craziness. I […]

Are you willing?

There are a lot of things going on in the world, and a lot of choices we make daily. Some things are simple, like what route to take to our familiar work places, how to dress that morning, or even what to eat. There are variables, but in the end, they aren’t that difficult of decisions. […]

The Humanity of Business

As I’m sitting here in my home office, I’m consoling a friend that lost an auntie in the Brussel’s terrorist attack. Later that morning, I’m trying to soothe another friend’s nerves because they work at Heathrow airport, and they can’t get it through passenger’s heads about tightened security. Both need more right now in terms […]

Little to no progress in your path?

Everyone wishes that things were different. Sadly, many people never get past these wishes into planning. Even fewer get past the planning stages and into moving forward. Many people will try to sell you secret recipes for success, but there are really not any. It takes just two “secret” weapons and they are completely free to you. […]

The difference between public policy and a coffee table

As the political climate in America comes to a boiling point, I’m finally taking some time out to dissect the argument of the candidates to see which ones I think might do a decent job running this country. Some of these people can’t tell the difference between public policy and a coffee table. One is […]

Have a little faith

The title sounds odd coming from an atheist, doesn’t it? Bear with me for a few moments and hear me out before you hit the exit button. Since dropping off into depression due to my father dying, things have not been the same. Then, as I was bouncing back, I came down with the worst flu […]

Life is a beautiful, messy, chaotic garden of choices

Here in the background of everything going on at Insanitek, life is a chaotic mess. My fiancé has carpel tunnel, and it’s impairing his ability to work at his day job. Luckily he just got offered a part time job at a job he really wants — even though it won’t help pay the bills […]

Dig deep and find your courage

No matter where you look on the internet, there are tales of triumph and glory from the underdog coming up from nothing and succeeding. It’s a story we all cheer for, and we just can’t get enough of it. They make us feel good inside as we cheer on the underdog, but it also makes […]

It takes guts to live life by your rules

It feels like we are often fighting an unending balance between what is expected of us and what we want to truly do. It’s a war between cultural traditions with all the expectations to go with it and the desire to break the status quo and reach higher. Why? From the time we are born […]