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Meeting the needs of industry

Ever since committing to the idea of creating a company where we can actually help people (rather than make a quick buck), I’ve been studying the industry. The industry being what companies need, what people want, and how to meet them both in the middle. Except the needs of the industry aren’t exactly clearly communicated. […]

A Tiny Experiment at Insanitek

Over the last few weeks I’ve been taking a great class, Persuasive Profits by Sharí Alexander. It’s been great for forcing my brain to get out-of-the-way and find ways to connect with our potential client base that we could serve. And when I say connect, I don’t mean connect in a caveman way where I […]

Newsletters are losing their magic

I get it: I sign up for your newsletter, you’re going to sell to me. You’re going to send me all the info about you, your products, your service, and your world. Part of that world includes your pal’s launches. I know when I sign up for your little opt in, that I’m going to […]

Science literacy and homeopathy

When I attended uni, I wanted very much to be able to share my love of science and what I was learning with the world. Thus, I decided to volunteer at a local museum called Imagination Station and sign up as a substitute teacher at the locals schools. I was young, idealistic, and frankly quite […]

The Communication Gap

How does this sound to you: We will transition integrated articulation to close the achievement gap. Or this? We will agendize multidisciplinary explicit direct instruction within professional learning communities. This is what we call bullshit jargon. It’s a word salad of impressive sounding syllables thrown together in attempt to amaze. Frankly, though, it just makes eyes glaze […]