A Tiny Experiment at Insanitek

Over the last few weeks I’ve been taking a great class, Persuasive Profits by Sharí Alexander. It’s been great for forcing my brain to get out-of-the-way and find ways to connect with our potential client base that we could serve. And when I say connect, I don’t mean connect in a caveman way where I go in with a giant sales sign.

I mean actually connect. 

You know, get to know names, needs, hopes, fears, dreams, desires, goals for life, etc. ACTUAL connection. It’s been fabulous knowing I can create a method that still allows me to kick back with a cuppa and listen to you guys.

Don’t look so surprised. It still happens in the world of business. 😉

Part of this process is going where you guys are, observing your words, actions, and public posts. It’s literally being a good listener. Then, we connect on something. It could be something as minor as a shared passion for crochet or as major as your kid’s science education and future. Or your future in the world of science.

But, we can’t be in every forum on every social media website. We just can’t. So, part of that is producing a blog post, then getting people to click on it, read it, and share it with those that they think would get real value out of it. To do that, we need to get your attention with headlines.

This is, sadly, one of the modules in this class doesn’t sit well with 100% well with me though. I don’t agree with creating clickbait headlines (which is not what Sharí is teaching, but what my brain, and others, perceives of non-academic headlines) for things. The copywriting bit is great, but the headline creation… not so much.

My hypothesis is that our audience is too smart/patient/not desperate enough/whatever for clickbait headlines.

Our experiment is then going to be creating slightly clickbait-like headlines for social media, medium level clickbait headlines for social media, and really cheesy clickbait ones… all alongside our normal headlines.

This way, you get to tell us how you like to see things coming at you from social media. I fully expect you guys to make fun of, make puns with, and have fun with this one as well. I’m looking forward to it.

Please note: Shari does not teach us to make clickbait headlines. She teaches us to make non-academic ones. Non-academic = more emotional and less rambling description.