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Homestead Log 5: Structural integrity? What structural integrity?

After 1.5 months of waiting on the contractors to start their part of the work, we instantly regretted not being more explicit and in control. The HVAC guy is the most inept at structural engineering and plays “fuck the next guy game” at a whole new level. A little background about the house that we’ve […]

Homestead Log 4: The (Mostly) Gutted Kitchen

It took days to do, but we finally got the lat and plaster off the south wall of the kitchen. Then, as a bonus, we ended up pulling down the drywall from the ceiling — which was the only thing holding the plaster up and the water damage hidden. I have to admit, this place […]

Closing & the First Visit Home {Homestead Log #2}

We finally closed on Friday, 20.Nov.2020. It was not a straightforward thing. We were supposed to get the clear to close on Wednesday 18.Nov.2020, so our realtor set up the meeting at the title company for Friday, 20.Nov. Nothing but crickets from the lenders, so I asked my loan officer what’s up. He had no clue until […]

Insanitek HQ is Moving {Homestead Log #1}

Back in May we started looking for a house. We were looking for a place that had more than a postage stamp for a yard, was relatively close to work, and could be considered rural. This was a tall order considering the price range we were willing to consider — just one of our incomes. […]

Hitting The Wall of Incompetence

We can’t be the best at everything we try. We can be good, or even great at many things. But, we can never be the best, infallible and constant in that perfection. Eventually we’ll find a balance. We rise to the level of incompetence. This was explored in the 1969 book called “The Peter Principle” […]