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Lessons From Family Legal Issues

Over the last few years my husband’s family orchard has been dying. The family as a whole turned their back on it. Those that stayed aren’t very business savvy. No one has bothered to find new clients, and if a big order comes in at the last moment, those with the physical capabilities don’t show […]

Dig deep and find your courage

No matter where you look on the internet, there are tales of triumph and glory from the underdog coming up from nothing and succeeding. It’s a story we all cheer for, and we just can’t get enough of it. They make us feel good inside as we cheer on the underdog, but it also makes […]

So, you’ve got a master’s degree, now what?

I defended my master’s thesis on Valentines Day, 2014. I passed with flying colours after an intensive 1 hour long “class-like” presentation that was totally not what I expected. During my defence I learnt a few things: When you bend the rules and research something new, everyone sits up and takes notice — and they […]