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The Reflection Pond

The hardships that I encountered in the past will help me succeed in the future. — Philip Emeagwali  While I listen to a lot of the people around me lamenting this year, I’ve been silently rejoicing. Not that I’ve been particularly pleased with how this year went, but it wasn’t all bad. I went through […]

Meditation is not all powerful

Pardon me while I ramble a bit, but there has been something that has been bothering me lately. And that’s the world’s obsession with meditating to manifest the things they want in life. There are thousands of ethical bribes in exchange for your email address from life coaches that will tell you the secret to […]

Planning for Chaos

A trick I once read about in some personal development and productivity book was to visualise how your next day was going to go. So, I sat down to daydream and visualise my morning. The idea is that when you visualise it, you can make it happen. I’d get up, drink a cup of coffee […]

Why believing in yourself leads to success

Believe in yourself seems trite, but it’s true. In psychology there is a concept called “self-efficacy”. The term was coined by Albert Bandura (PDF), who described this as the belief in one’s capabilities to organize and execute the courses of action required to manage prospective situations [zotpressInText item=”{J4XJ3RZ7,3}”]. This would be like you, standing in front of […]

How do you think?

First off, a little note about the hiatus: Turns out that I had more time than I thought to build the class for Andrew McDonald’s book, Possess Your Success. Let me back up a second and explain. Andrew McDonald is someone who Alesi, our PR manager came across on Instagram. It was nearly an instant […]

Something special on the way

Have you ever heard of metacognition? It’s a superpower for us normal people. It’s the art of thinking about thinking, and it’s often applied in teaching to get a student to think deeper about a problem, concept, or process. But it doesn’t have to be just that. Metacognition is the skill that autodidactics (self-learners) apply […]

Clarity Leads Your Reputation

As I reflect on Insanitek’s past and contrast it with current growth and opportunities, I realise there was a huge problem when we first started: We didn’t have a clear of vision as we should have, and because of that we started off with very low quality and very low standards. It shows in our […]

Complacency is the Devil

What is your ideal life? Some people say they would be content with making “enough money” to “live their dreams”. What does that mean to you? I’m asking you in all seriousness because this vision is what can motivate you. My idea of a good life is a big(ish) house with an even bigger yard. […]

Running Yourself Lean

Talking about product development while conquering ADHD is one thing, but having wider strategy is another. Think of it this way: Winning a single day is a just winning a single skirmish. It’s not a battle, and it’s certainly not the entire war. It gets you through a day, but what about the rest of […]

Project Planning: The ADHD Way [Part 3]

Part 1 was all about mindset, part two was about the prework you need to get going. Now, part three is going to cover the hardest part of all: The day to task list. If you’re anything like my clients (or myself), you know that this is the absolute worst. You can go into a […]