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Smart Planning For That Super Busy Life

Life gets hectic from time to time. Right now I’m writing this post while my car is in the bay at Firestone. I’ve had a sensor out for about 3 weeks, and needed to carve out some time to get it checked out. After this, I need to stop back by my flat, grab lunch […]

Do Only The Essentials?

This past month has been chaos. My birthday, a mini vacation that my husband planned, jury duty two weeks in a row, and the insanity of trying to stay on top of the things that absolutely needed to be done on top of it. Before this, though, I listened to an audiobook called Essentialism: The […]

How to produce your own work-life “balance”

The other day “M”, a client of mine asked, “How do you work so much and retain a work-life balance?” Well, first of all you should know that I don’t believe in the work-life balance myth. I’m a workaholic, and I’m quite comfortable with my insane work ethic. With this work ethic I’m making my […]

Work, life, balance, and a little sanity

As many of you know from reading my blog, I have several things balanced on my plate. I… work at a garden shop to fill my bank account (and that of Insanitek’s) ~32hrs/wk tutor on my days off from the garden shop ~8hrs/wk work on Insanitek every chance I get spend time with my fiancé […]

How to prioritise your desires

Let me tell you this: I thought I was smart when I decided to start Insanitek while I was in school. I figured I could do all the planning and bootstrapping when I had spare time. It was a great plan, really, as I thought I would finish up my homework and work on Insanitek […]