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Staying in the Black

I’ve been endlessly amused the last few years as Insanitek grows. It seems like many people have the desire to grow beyond their capacities and use money they don’t have to make it happen. It’s unsustainable. Most companies burn in the red constantly racing against time and stresses to grow. I’ve heard people advise me to borrow […]

Going Deep When Working on a Project

“Ms. G? Ms. G? I’ve been trying to get your attention for 5 minutes. The meeting’s starting.” ─ the unlucky student sent to get me before a group meeting regarding purchases. For someone with ADHD, I can focus pretty well when I need/want to. And thus, a lot of people have asked me for advice […]

Cash flow is considered the life blood of any business -- even non-profits

Important Business NOT to Overlook

It’s that time of year again when serious small business owners are looking forward with a mix of anticipation of spending on a big-ticket item and dread of what filing taxes will look like. There are lots of hopes as we plan for growth, but apprehension when it comes to adapting to market needs and […]

The end of a year long experiment

Most of you probably didn’t notice the change in the blog here. Alesi, our head of marketing, and I wanted to try an experiment in communication. You, dear readers, were part of it. (Sorry, we couldn’t tell you lest it spoil the data.) The experiment was to see how people responded to a more “corporate” […]

Are Children Little Adults?

I work in a great industry. Not only does it not have a specific description and title, but I work with adults and kids. I work with specialists and non-specialists alike. This dichotomy of needs for working with science communication and science apprenticeship always keeps me on my toes on the best of days. On […]

Taking a Knee? Here’s a challenge

The idea of taking a knee during the US National Anthem is prominent in the news lately. One person kneeling says they do it for one reason, another for another reason. There is no clear, relevant grievance any more for it. They are doing it to protest anything, it seems. This lack of clear grievance […]

There is always the story you don’t hear

Owning a business is not all glory, despite what the socials would have you believe. For every InstaGood pic you see, for every happy Facebook post, for every smile you see there is always the side you don’t. Nothing is Pinterest Perfect all the time. You’d be surprised how many people are deluded into believing only […]

On Being Civic Minded IRL

The summer session of our state congress is coming to an end and town hall meetings are just around the corner. I, personally, can’t wait. You guys never really hear me talk about politics here on the blog and entwine them with Insanitek, but that’s because both my beliefs and the company’s mission go beyond […]

Science Literacy and the HONEST Act

Carmel Middle School taught their kids recently about what makes great science and science literacy. It was awesome. While simultaneously pointing out that science isn’t perfect and full of unexpected failures, what makes great science is the fact that it is many trials are needed to before a hypothesis can be accepted as true. They […]


Failure Happens To Everyone

There are hundreds of trite sayings out there about failure, picking yourself back up, and getting on with it. Filling your social media feed with these motivational quotes may feel good when you look at it, you may even feel smug for a moment thinking you hold the secret in that single quote. But all the motivational […]