Review of Persuasive Profits by Sharí Alexander

In case you didn’t remember, this most recent hiatus from the blog was due to me carving out some time to take Sharí Alexander’s Persuasive Profit’s class. And here is the formal review of said class, as per norm after I finish one of these classes. I am not compensated in any way for this review and the links shared in this piece are not affiliate links. Plus: Sharí expects honesty even if we disagree on some finer points.

  • Class: Persuasive Profits
  • Taught by: Sharí Alexander
  • Format: Online lectures, small group virtual meetings, downloadable and printable guides
  • Cost: Fully price at $997, incremental discounts increasing from beginning of launch to release of class (as per norm now)
  • Bonuses*: Yes, but varies depending on when you lock into the class. E-books, Mastermind recording, 1-on-1 session with Sharí

The short: The class is freakin’ amazing, Sharí is amazing. Go, sign up for the next round of the class NAO. 

Studying for this class felt like this, not like you were running into a wall.

Studying for this class felt like this, not like you were running into a wall.

The longer version: Persuasive Profits is an 8 week-long class that focuses on a variety of aspects of persuasive communication. For every week there are 4+ video lectures, a few handouts to work with, and an implementation video call on Zoom to answer your questions as well as a chance to work together on a problem or two as a group. There is also a Facebook group for extra support.

In my opinion, the lectures were fun and entertaining. Sharí is expressive, intelligent, and really zeros in on what’s important at that particular stage of the lesson so you don’t get bogged down in nuances and details that could hold you back. She even uses the communication techniques she’s teaching you throughout so you can see how natural it can sound — you know, rather than the sleazy sales pitch we all fear.

My only complaint? The recording volume could be a little louder. And you know when your only complaint is a technical issue, the material is on point for what you needed.

The worksheets were simple and easy to follow, even if Sharí didn’t explain everything on the worksheets. They also facilitated digging in and getting the work done. But, even when doing the worksheets, it didn’t feel like work — it feels more like exploration of your world. Frankly, there were times when I felt like a kid again as I was exploring the people and opportunities around me with an open mind.

Admittedly, I was quiet at the implementation sessions. I’m not one for groups, especially when one or two dominate the conversation. However, Sharí did a spectacular job of creating an atmosphere where everyone was heard, issues were addressed, problems were given some time to work through, and yet it wasn’t a super serious boring meeting. I didn’t learn as much as I thought I would from these the first time around simply because I was absorbing without intent, nor attaching other’s lessons to anything applicable to my world or that of any client I have. I’m sure as I relisten to the calls in the future, they will be invaluable.

As for the Facebook group, well, if you know me, you know that I despise Facebook. I logged in for the group, glanced at it, tried to participate every once in a while, but I was immediately assaulted by family and friends on the chat, and really out of my comfort zone there… and thus I couldn’t tell you if it was useful or not.

The first part is observing your audience (or mark is Sharí’s more fun vernacular).

In this phase you get to really know more about your audience, whether that is a group of people or a single person. That means what they value, how they prefer to be spoken to, how they identify themselves, and what they dream of. You can apply this to everyone in your life from family and friends to a colleague to a stranger on the street. Sharí shows you how to do this in even one single conversation simply by listening to others with an open mind for the “VIBES”.

Find out more about VIBES
Sharí talks a lot about VIBES in a multitude of places. Here is a Podcast from Freaking Genius if you’re the auditory type, and here is a list of blogs from Sharí’s own site with different VIBES tips throughout if you’re the READ IT ALL type.

The VIBES are the foundation work to all the other sessions, but it’s not critical that you master them the first week out. They will keep coming around and you’ll practise them throughout. And trust me, you’ll be practising whether you like it or not. You’ll give it a shot out to try it out, pick up something, astound yourself that it works, and keep going. It’s kinda addicting, really, to pick up VIBES. Oh, and you eliminate “bad client speak” because you’ll be able to speak their language and help them learn to speak yours. Definitely a useful skill.

Then, you’ll be excited to implement them during the rest of your class.

The second week starts VIBES implementation with writing, sales, and emails.

The middle of the class is taken up by applying the VIBES to copywriting, sales conversations, and email funnels. Each part of these should be part of your business, but they often don’t feel natural — that’s why people generally get a little uneasy about them and seek out professionals. Sharí gives you the confidence to tackle it yourself so you can do it yourself or teach someone else that you hire out.

So, let’s give this a little pause since this is three modules of the class.

Get ready to fill your notebook with ideas... because you'll have no shortage of them during or after this class.

Get ready to fill your notebook with ideas… because you’ll have no shortage of them during or after this class.

Copywriting is about writing blog pieces, sales pieces, emails, etc. It’s the content inside of your writing. The way that Sharí presented it, it made it seem like veritable story that connects easily with your audience. This genuine conversation continues to the sales and/or the email in a structured, way that you can plan and automate, but it doesn’t feel that way to the reader. The key is that the methods she teaches creates a connection that you can automate to a certain extent, but also allows you to truly connect with your audience on a deeper level that allows you to serve from a place that is both true and authoritative while being automated.

The only part of this section I’m still having trouble swallowing is the headlines. When I first saw the examples I cringed and thought, “Clickbait. Ew.” When I put the formulae and examples in front of both our marketing team and our ideal, intended audience that we have here in Indy, they all decried clickbait. It opened up a spirited discussion here at Insanitek, and we’re doing an experiment regarding the idea… because you know what? Despite us having a knee jerk reaction to a headline, we still freakin’ click on them. That means what Sharí is teaching works… and we just have to fine tune it for the Insanitek audience.

Note: Sharí does not teach us to make clickbait, but headlines that relate to the audience and their desires while being truthful. It is our perception of the examples given and that we came up with on our own that made us cringe.

The seventh week starts with more advanced techniques.

The last two modules seem to be more advanced because it’s about using webinars and speaking as well as certain types of techniques you can use to influence your marks. They stretch your skills because there isn’t really a back button in the heat of the moment while you’re talking to an audience or even a single individual. Sharí takes the “scary” out of it by showing you the method to the madness and the prework that goes into the speech or chat. Sure, it starts with the VIBES, but it ends with having an intention and a few techniques to work with.

To be honest, this is the one part of the class I haven’t tried out in meat space yet. Why? I’ve been practising listening and connecting with the people I interact with every day, and in two weeks I have a meeting with a potential collaborator for the first time. I’ve done the prework so I’m not so scared of what I might blurt out, but I’m also practising being an active listener so when the time comes I don’t cock it up.

Needless to say, I’ve got good feelings about how this is going to turn out — thanks in no small part to the training in Persuasive Profits.

Parting thoughts are warm and fuzzy.

Over all, Persuasive Profits is a solid class with lots to learn, even if you aren’t new to the idea of persuasive speaking. I mean, I learnt a lot about it while I was in the military, but there is always more to learn and work on. This class shows you how to start from scratch, apply it in a business perspective, and how to use it to serve your market. Sure, it’s about making the sale, but it’s also about connecting with your “mark” and giving them exactly what they want and need. It’s not about taking them for a ride whether they like it or not.

Throughout the class, Sharí makes sure you think positively about how to use and hone your skills in a positive way.

Is it worth the full cost of $997? HELL YES. Insanitek’s network and reach has grown a little bit in the last two months because of the actions I’ve taken as a result of this class during the class, so I can only speculate on how growth will be after the class while I take the time to implement. +50 subscribers, 3 really big meat space contacts, and a potential collaboration with a tech giant in the Indy area? Yep. Definitely a qualified Hell Yes.

My only regret is that I did not have the money saved up in advance to sign up as early as possible and get the 1-on-1 session with Sharí. Can you imagine if growth can be this awesome with just a few actions what growth would be like after just a single 1-on-1?

Don’t make my mistake. Get on the wait list ASAP, save up the money while you read Sharí’s blog, and when the course comes out, buy it ASAP with whatever available bonuses there are to absorb and further your growth. This is not for just saving the money you’ll be spending on notebooks to fill with ideas and observations, but because it guarantees your spot in the class. You do NOT want to miss this level of genuine growth.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the waiting list.

*Remember, all materials, bonuses, and prices are subject to change based on the class owner/instructor’s experience with what works. Do not expect this to stay the same from one session to another.