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Clauses, Phrases & Sentence Types {Coursera course}

It is week 3&4 on the Coursera writing course. I went from excited to annoyed to apathetic towards the class in this short time, and, unfortunately, it all stems from the fact that I don’t work on their schedule. When they finally release the week’s lessons, it’s midway through my day, thus I’m at work. […]

Sentence construction {Coursera course}

Week 3 is upon the crafting an effective writer course, and it’s as dull as last week. The first two module sections covered subject and verb parts of speech again. I think I much preferred the “snippy snippy” method from when I was a child to this. It’s much more constructive, fun, and I don’t […]

Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade {Coursera Course}

I’m a huge fan of knowledge and learning. I don’t place a huge emphasis on how you get that knowledge as long as you have it and can use it. The reason for this is two-fold. One is that there are┬ácountless stories of geniuses and people that have made an impact that have taught themselves […]