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Insanitek Hiring Principles

I remember sitting with my grandfather as he would mull over applications. He owned a small family operated Amoco Gas Station franchise. My mother and grandmother did the bookkeeping for years. There were a few men that worked on the cars that would come in for repairs, and a few ever-revolving set of teens that […]

Q&A: How do you know if you’re a good match?

One of the students we work with at Insanitek asked a brilliant question in The Forum (our version of a break room). She is looking to collaborate with someone on a project, and there are lots of people with the right skills to choose from. She asked, “How do you know if you’re a good […]

My Hiring Method and System is a Learning Process

We are hiring three new writers for Ink and Knowledge Conduit, last month we took on a new engineer turned microbiologist, and I am sure that we’ll be hiring again after that for other positions. Every time we do, I get a fresh wave of nervous energy and questions flood my brain. Is the company, […]

The “War for Talent” is not dead.

McDonald’s counter argument to the War on Talent would suggest that not all people are comfortable with, nor completely understand the underlying points to the “War for Talent”. After the original book was released in 1997, things may have gotten off the rails a bit in terms of how people have implemented strategies to deal […]