Night Warriors by Graham Masterton {book review}

Night Warriors (Night Warriors, #1)Night Warriors by Graham Masterton

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was a classic good against evil sort of book, but with unpronounceable names for the gods. According to this book, there is a male/female angel type thing (Springer), who recruits ordinary people on behalf of Ashapola (what we think of as God) to become night warriors to do battle with Yaomauitl (what we think of as the Devil) and the spawns Yaomauitl.These people are normal in the waking world, but in the dream world they are like superheroes. Yaomauitl is awakened and let loose after an earthquake broke loose his sealed box, and thus the night warriors were called upon to do their work. The night warriors task is simply to stop Yaomauitl and all his offspring from destroying the world.

The character building was fair in some regards, absolutely weak in others. It seems like of the 4 heroes, Masterton only bothered to spend time writing about two of them, Gil and Henry. So, when Susan ended up getting abducted in their first dream run, I couldn’t have cared less. Then they brought on another night warrior, Lloyd, that just so conveniently lived in the area, but he really didn’t have much of a personality either. Honestly there was nothing memorable about any of the characters.

This is one of those books I picked up at a yard sale aeons ago for 10 cents. When it comes to books like that it’s hit or miss. This one was a miss, though only barely. It starts out with an interesting premise, and there is lots of action. There is a pretty good storyline, too. It falls short when I couldn’t really pronounce the night warriors alternate personality names, the bad guy’s name, and couldn’t remember who the heroes even were after I put the book down for a day.

It was also one of those books that I could only read a paragraph or two at a time before I would inevitably find something else more interesting — like dishes. I couldn’t really place what it was that just didn’t resonate with me in this book. I can tell you that I had dreams about eels (what Yaomauitl’s offspring are in the waking world) trying to eat me, though, so it couldn’t have been all that forgettable.

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